TRU VIRTU® Porta Carte Di Credito FAN Croco Black

TRU VIRTU® Porta Carte Di Credito FAN Croco Black

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The new LEATHER LINE convinces with finest Italian leather in a classical look. It captivates with the ideal combination of leather and aluminium within one product and joins the advantage of both materials in a perfect way “Luxury meets Security”. The LEATHER LINE presents the High-End line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

Available in many different styles and colors and 5 models

By coating the aluminium surface with leather the advantages of protective functionality remain and the patented wallets protects cards from:

  • Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning)
  • Demagnetisation (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Outside influences like splash water, sand, snow or mechanical load




Il Case in alluminio e in pelle con 6 scomparti per contenere fino a 10 carte di credito, biglietti da visita, banconote e ricevute di pagamento.

Protegge le carte di credito dalla smagnetizzazione e dalla scannerizzazione illegale dei dati personali (RFID-Scan).




Dimensioni: 68 x 104 x 20 mm
Peso: 60g



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Il prezzo include IVA, piú spedizione

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