TRU VIRTU® Wallet PAPERS & CARDS Silk Taupe Rock

TRU VIRTU® Wallet PAPERS & CARDS Silk Taupe Rock

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The new SILK LINE convinces of its stylish matt surface which is created by a special complex treatment by handcraft. With its satin-finished special aluminium surface it presents the Premium Line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

Available in 5 different colors and 5 models

Thanks to the combination of anodized aluminium and high quality polymers all TRU VIRTU® products are extremely robust but lightweight and protect cards from:


  • Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning)
  • Demagnetisation (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Outside influences like splash water, sand, snow or mechanical load


Being the first fully-fledged aluminium wallet worldwide with a patented two compartment system, TRU VIRTU® PAPERS & CARDS allows to separate and securely store documents, business cards, ID-cards, driver’s license as well as a big amount of credit and loyalty or membership cards.

With a height of only 23 mm PAPERS & CARDS is the only two compartment aluminium wallet that may hold up to 16 credit cards as well as several bills and documents.

TRU VIRTU® PAPERS & CARDS impresses with its holding capacity which makes it ideal for people who like to have everything on hand all the time.


  • Easy access and handling of the separate compartments „PAPERS and CARDS” via separate buttons
  • Storage of papers and documents of different sizes thanks to flexible fan with 4 compartments for papers, documents, business cards, receipts, bills, etc.


  • Space saving organization by two compartment storage systems for cards - both taking up to 5 credit cards.
  • Large shelf for ID card and driver’s license

Dimensions: 130 x 102 x 23 mm / 5,12 x 4,02 x 0,91 inch
Weight: 132 g



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